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I've been an Architectural Designer for three decades. I still enjoy helping people focus on/or rediscover a dream & vision; while  we both watch something unfold that comes into a place we both knew existed, but we each had only glimpses of it. 

Building"families", Home's, Small business, New business markets & Churches is the cornerstone of America's economy, which in- cludes"investment markets"for our con-tinuing Success in living the good life. If its com-forting to know; Relax - Your at the right place.   I can design Anything your heart desires.

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Neighborhoods & Business Communities support each other best when developers expand upon & carry out some unity of the two by design theme function (a special look flavored by Elements of Style) That integrates Business to Community to Retail to Entertainment to Families to fun. This works by many "combined" elements; Signage, "Weekly Out-door Events", cul-tural themes, festive music, night lighting, Fountains, Ponds, Water-Way Activities, (word of mouth) Walk-ways, (Great Shops, pleasant Evening spots & memorable dining experiences). All conveying interaction. (places to visit, shop, eat, share business, have fun & meet friends) Its people, events, excitement,  enter-tainment and deals; that starts with Design & Elements of Style.

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The process of buying & designing a house, can be rather daunting. We can take a lot of mystery & difficulty out of it.  We have house plans in many styles, sizes & price points to help you begin. If you can decide on the basics of your plan, (or tell us) We'll quickly  turn your house into any Elevation or style you like or want.  And just   CLICK for "the wish list"


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3) Whatever you want or Need Business-wise; Retail Stores; Restaurants, Corporate / Medical Office, Churches, Hotel, Apartment Complex, or Shopping Centers. We Can help you

A Business presence is more than just hanging a sign – It's a dimension of your personality; Its an investment of your time, special skills & pas-sion. It can be as much thrill as driving a fine race car, winning a favorite sports tournament, or contest. Even cultivating a fine wine, a pre-cious skill or fine art. All demands attention, energy, precision time, with your hand at the wheel and your presence as much as your hard work & winning hand permits. The "heartfelt fun & enjoyment will always follow"! 

We design Super Selling Machines! Retail Shops Restaurants & Stores) Our environments create "excitement that work & help you sell!  I'm high-ly innovative, well trained & a "corporately sea-soned Store Planner, designer & Visual mer-chandiser" - director of store planning level.    Profile here  see projects / retailers at my profile  ​ 

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If you care to give us a grand, challenge with your new home or business lets do it. We've won Home-a-Ramas, Parade of homes,. Special ISP, IBD, ASID, AIA & Builder, Retail, homeowner awards,       We've Designed / Redesigned many entire Builder portfolios, (total  collections) winning many thankful friends, builders & consumers alike.


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2) Whatever you want in Your New Home; Send us your wish  list! Don't worry if it's All New or a Remodel We can show you How  We can make your house look just like that one!" Or pretty near


Great Design Skills, & knowledge of Construction (Experienced as both builder and designer) Having built many homes, offices, Retail Shops, Strip Centers & Offices. Currently Work with many reputable builders. 

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